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Whom is the program TiresBox intended for?
TiresBox is the specialized and unique program created for the importers of tire companies , distributors of tires, and also logistic companies that are engaged in transportation of tires for the optimal loading of container with oversized tires.
What is the feature of TiresBox in comparison with other programs on loading of containers?
The algorithm of the program TiresBox was worked out specially for the optimization of loading specific commodity having the special structure as compared to other loads of outsized tires.
What basic advantages of TiresBox?
- You create the database of tires for loading only once, and it is possible to modify and complement the data.
- You can recalculate during a day any of the calculations of load executed before, quickly and easily only changing data.
- You will get additional recommendations on adding weight to the container.
- You work with the program on-line.
How quickly does the program work?
All calculations of loading are executed on fast-acting servers and you`ll get a result during 1 minute.
Do you have any limitations on the amount of tire assortment for the loading?
There are no limitations.
How to input data for the calculation if I have great assortment of tires?
Use any convenient method for you: import data according to a template or send the database of these tires with parameters on our e-mail, we will help you to load it.
How long does a person need to master work skills of the program?
Program TiresBox is simple and accessible in use. You do not need to study all the manuals, you just need to do three steps: to load the database of tires, choose a necessary container, specify an assortment and amount of tires that You need to load. A friendly interface without superfluous elements is intuitively clear to the user.
How to be sure that on-line service TiresBox works really effectively?
We created one simple example for you to show how loading of different sizes of tires can considerably reduce free space in it. Download PDF file.
How the results of calculation are shown? 
The result of calculation is presented as Excel file and contains complete information of step by step loading of container in an easily understood way. Forming of every pile of tires is presented graphically and in a textual form.
Will workers of warehouse understand loading of container pattern?
There will be no difficulties with loading of tires, if consistently to form every pile of tires for stowage according to a chart and graphic instructions.
Is there possibility to test the program TiresBox and estimate her possibilities? 
It is enough to choose the Demo tariff, and you will have possibility to test the program free of charge.
What is the cost of use of the program TiresBox?
You do not need to pay a subscriber pay or buy a license, you only pay for the calculation of loading of container. The principle is easy, you calculate then pay. The unlimited amount of your employees can work under one login and password.
How to install the program on a computer, what are technical requirements to the equipment?
You can use the program under Your login and password from any computer. The program is not installed and you conduct all calculations of loading of the container on-line. All necessary operations are executed on the servers of TiresBox service.
What languages are supported by on-line service for loading of tires TiresBox?
Russian, English, Spanish, French, German.

TiresBox est une solution logicielle unique et facile à utiliser pour optimiser le chargement des camions et des conteneurs maritimes avec des pneus de différents diamètres.

Les qualifications clés de notre planificateur de charge sont les tout nouveaux algorithmes de calcul et les performances rapide.

Nous utilisons nos propres serveurs de calcul et de créer des plans de charge de sorte que vous n'avez pas besoin de s'inquiéter en employant des machines de haute qualité nécessaires à un tel traitement de données complexes.