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Privacy Policy of on-line service of the optimum packing of tires TiresBox

This document  « Privacy Policy of on-line service of the optimum packing of tires TiresBox» (further Privacy Policy) represents general conditions of collection and processing of the personal information which Administration of site of (further is Administration) can get about the User during the use by him service of TiresBox (further  Service).

Administration unreservedly acknowledges the importance of confidentiality of the personal information of  the Users of Service. The Policy contains information about the data which the Administration gets and collects, when the User uses Service. This information will help the User to make decision, in respect of the given personal information.

The consent of User to represent the personal information, given by him in accordance with Policy of using the Service, spreads on all persons, included in Service.

The use of Service is meant by the obligatory indisputable consent of User with the real Policy and terms of treatment of his personal information indicated in it. In the case of disagreement with terms the User must hold back from the use of Service. The use of Service by the User is regulated by the real Policy, and also by «Terms of the use», located at:

Administration provides confidentiality of the collected statistics of Service Users. For prevention of unauthorized access or information transfer, the proper programmatic and technical facilities and administrative procedures are put in an operation for providing of safety of information.

During the Use of Service the ip-address is determined. Administration collects the personal information which is given voluntarily by the visitor or/and registration on Service only. A notion "The personal information" includes information which determines User as concrete person, for example, name or address of e-mail. If viewing of maintenance of Service is possible without passing of procedure of registration, for using the complete functional of Service a visitor must be registered.

Service applies technology of "cookies" for creation of session. There is information in “cookies” which can be necessary for the maintenance of settings of variants of viewing. "Cookies" does not check the e-mail address or other personal information about the User of Service.

Administration also uses the standard register of account of web-server  for the count of amount of visitors and users, and also for the estimation of economic feasibilities of Service.

The Administration uses the information in order to facilitate using Service, including, but not limited:

- organization of Service more comfortable for Users;

- possibility to subscribe to e-mail delivery on the special services of Service;

- providing is accordance of Service in used browsers.

Access to initial information and individual information of Service Users the third party can get only from consent of Service User.

Administration does not change basic statistical data given by Users, does not make alteration in reports, researches, that are got on their basis, and gives them «as is».

Administration has a right to process basic data by their groupment and systematization, and also to use such treated information for drafting of reports, elaboration of different researches, developments of additional instruments for providing of services to Users of Service. The aggregated data does not allow to get some information about concrete Users. The aggregated information can openly spread and pass to the third persons. The collected information and data can be kept unlimited amount of time.

Administration has a right to make alteration in the real Policy. At making alteration the date of the last update is specified in a release. The new release of Policy goes into effect from the moment of its placing on Service, if other is not foreseen the new release of Policy. An operating release always is on a page

All suggestions or questions concerning the real Policy should be sent to


TiresBox is a unique and easy-to-use software solution to optimize loading of trucks and sea containers with tires of various diameters.

The key qualifications of our load planner are the brand-new calculating algorithms and quick performance.

We use our own servers for calculating and creating load plans so that you don't need to worry about employing high-quality machines required for such complex data processing.