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Tiresbox introduction:

Partner program

The terms of the partner program of on-line service of the optimum packing of tires TiresBox
Participant of the partner program
Both physical and legal persons can take part in the partner program of the service TiresBox.
Registration in the partner program
It is necessary for the partner program to send a request on participating in the partner program (To Become a partner). After the registration you will get all necessary information: references, links and banner for placing on the website, access to statistics of extra charges of partner bonuses. Your registration can be declined in case that subject of the website, indicated by you during registration falls short of the type of activity of service.
Partner References
After registration in the partner program it is necessary to place a banner with reference link on Your website, indicated during registration. It is desirable to place a banner on the prominent position.
Procedure of extra charge of partner bonus
In case if a visitor passes to service of Tiresbox on Your partner reference link and during 10 days after this time is registered as an user of service, a partner bonus will be credited in size of 10% from charges of involved client during one year.
A partner bonus is not paid in the followings cases:
a) it is impossible for the system to indicate the visitor from your website on technical and programmatic reasons;
b) the last transition before registration of the visitor was carried out on partner reference of other partner;
c) the user of service was registered in the partner program.
The order of payment of partner bonus
The partner bonus will be paid in any comfortable non-cash method during 1-10 days after filing of the application.
Change of terms of the partner program
We have the right to change the terms of this program at any time, publishing the changed text on the page Changes of terms does not influence on Your balance sum that you had on credit before.If the change of terms will be unacceptable for you, you must inform us about it during 5 days from the moment of publication of new terms. In case if you continue to take part in the partner program, it confirms acceptance changes by you.
On all questions, related to the partner program of service Tiresbox you can also apply in feedback specifying the theme of report «partner program».
Current parameters of the partner program
1. Storage of ID of partner in a cookies visitor, days: 10.
2. Payment of partner bonus on the request of partner in a flow, days: 1-10.
3. Minimum sum, ascable a partner for payment: 10 USD.
High money bonuses and guaranteed payments is partner program of service Tiresbox!


Request for participation in the partner program

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TiresBox is a unique and easy-to-use software solution to optimize loading of trucks and sea containers with tires of various diameters.

The key qualifications of our load planner are the brand-new calculating algorithms and quick performance.

We use our own servers for calculating and creating load plans so that you don't need to worry about employing high-quality machines required for such complex data processing.