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Tiresbox introduction:

On-line service of the optimum packing TiresBox executes for packing of tires of different sizes and weight for futher transporting and taking into account additional parameters, such as carrying capacity of transport vehicle and pressure on a tire.

Due to automation of loading with TiresBox You can do the following tasks:

  • load tires in transport vehicle (container, carriage wagon, truck);
  • pick up a necessary carrier for transportation of certain amount of tires;
  • optimize the process of selection of tires from storage of supplier and also speed of their sales.
Functions of TiresBox:
  • calculation of optimum load of tire in the indicated transport vehicle (container);
  • possibility of load in a few transport vehicles simultaneously;
  • accountability of limitations of transport (carrying capacity);
  • accountability of features of tire;
  • loading in a format .xlsx placement charts of tire in a container;
  • loading pattern has additional information about possibility of adding weight to transport vehicle;
  • export/import of information (nomenclature, parameters of tires, tailings);
  • base of standard transport vehicles (container, wagon, etc.).

Using TiresBox on-line service – you save your time and money!

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TiresBox is a unique and easy-to-use software solution to optimize loading of trucks and sea containers with tires of various diameters.

The key qualifications of our load planner are the brand-new calculating algorithms and quick performance.

We use our own servers for calculating and creating load plans so that you don't need to worry about employing high-quality machines required for such complex data processing.